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Fun in the Sun

With summer fast approaching along with our wonderful proximity to the most beautiful beach around, it’s important to take a moment to take a few precautions against excessive sun exposure. Going out in the sun is fun but we must be careful about the risks involved. Melanoma is a serious skin cancer and can be triggered by spending too much time in the sun without using the proper protection. You can help protect your family from the dangers of skin cancer by taking a few preventative steps.

Reduce your risk:

Ensure each person in your family applies sunscreen before heading outside. This is the first step that can be taken to reduce your risk of skin cancer.
When to put on sunscreen- Rub it on half an hour before exposure to the sun. Your skin needs time to absorb the sunscreen.
Make sure to apply sunscreen to every area- Ears, feet, and behind the legs are common places that get missed when applying sunscreen.
The worst hours for going out in the sun are from 10 AM to 4 PM, (prime beach time) this is when the sun’s ultraviolent (UV) strength is at its peak.
Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Especially if you go in the water.
Hang out in the shade – When your kids are playing in the sand have them play under a large umbrella for added protection.


            Make sure that your entire family, along with your friends, are aware of the need for sunscreen every time they set foot outside. The more times you get sunburned the higher your chances of getting skin cancer. The beach can be a blast, but just remember to take the additional time to protect you and your family against the suns UV rays.


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